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Hap Hap Happy Halloween


This year’s Halloween is the most organized to say the least. I’ve carefully planned my movie list and book lists. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the smells, ciders, vegan sweets and the scary movies!

I first began by scheduling my movies:


I then scheduled my book list. My plan was to try and get through the entire Goose Bumps series before the 31st. Knowing this is a little far fetched, I decided on the first 31. One a day:

Though this is allot for anybody as is, I have chosen to add to it! this is a list of some of my favorite childhood cartoons and other books to read such as The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow. I read it every year! So many places to go, things to taste, smell and drink! And allot of Magic: The Gathering to play.

I know I most likely wont get to it all in the month of October, but it will be fun trying!! 


Animal Theology

IMG_20140511_175134_885Animals are a big part of God’s creation and plan. They helped manifest His original plan. But when sin entered the world you saw something happen; animals then began to bridge the gap between us and God. Later he then gave us permission to eat then if we want. Animals played a huge part in Genesis and they play a big part in the creation story. You even see them talk in the beginning of time. They have personalities and thoughts. They are still capable of this today. You see this in Numbers 22. God “opened the donkey’s mouth” and he spoke up for his abusive master’s life. You see this donkey show love and loyalty to someone who doesn’t deserve it. Which is actually how Jesus told us to act towards our masters, enemies/abusers. So they can display the character of Jesus.

They are also under our domain. Not meaning we can do what we please but we are in watchful care of them. Will they join us in the New Earth? Yes. ALL creation joins us in the yearning for the recreation in Revelation. That means the animals, trees, the planet itself and the universe. Some people argue the fact that they weren’t given the “breathe of life” and they try to pervert this into meaning a “god given soul”. But this is the same sense that generations oppressed and abused women. Because God only gave that “breath” to Adam. And who are we to say spirits can’t get into heaven if you wanna believe animals don’t have souls?

I didn’t adopt this theology to aid my vegetarian mindset. Rather the other way around. I felt a strong compelling that animals are more than a food source which lead me to my planet-based diet.

In many places through out scripture you see God caring to and for animals. And it is our first commandment from God to care for them. They have brought us closer to God.

Joshua Porter painted a beautiful picture of a reuniting of life long friends in his novel “NEVADA”. An individual and his pet ferret. Before being tortured, trialed and killed in the streets, this man saw his best friend get his tiny fury face stomped in. And then you read this a few chapters later:

“The last thing I saw was this: the man who had embraced Paul then turned and cupped his hands around his mouth, calling to someone but to whom I could not hear. I watched as a small shape appeared in the distance, running toward Paul Wesley. The man that the city loved laughed joyfully as Paul turned and saw his ferret Oscar leaping through the soft grass, running to his dear friend. Paul threw his arms out to catch his small friend as the celebration continued to surge through the city, and my vision began to slip away from me. Then I woke up.”

Arista’s love nor my love for her has not died. Though she just be a cat to most, she was my oldest and best friends. And I can’t wait to embrace her again. Until we meet again, enjoy the new experiences, Baby Girl!

Sue Your Neighbor As You Wished To Be Sued

Back in November of 2013, someone I knew had stolen $300 from me. Naturally I felt slightly betrayed and hurt. But it was no where near my heart to sue this person. When I told my parent’s what had happened, they too naturally had certain emotions the same that I would if someone plotted treachery against someone I love. But my parents demanded that I do “what’s right” and drag this person, who hasn’t a dollar to his name, to court and sue him, have him thrown in jail until he pays me back.

When I combat this theory of what should be done with what Jesus said his disciples should do: go find the person, give them your shirt too and never ask for something that was stolen from you, my parents were appalled. They tried to tell me that that wasn’t really what Jesus meant. That this person will just go out and do it again to someone else. So it best be me who punishes this individual.

After assuring them that I would pray about it and in the end I would do what I felt right, we left it at that.

Can you imagine looking someone in the face, telling them that you know what they did, that you forgive them and their debt? That person will not be able to look at you and will remove themselves from your life. Take my word for it.

That is the power of the Kingdom. True power. Jesus gave us direct answers of how to react and treat each other. Living in a foreign land as ambassadors, we often forget how our King says we treat people. I’m sure Jesus didn’t ask ‘where the bathroom was’ in parables, not every word out of his mouth was a parable. Foreign countries try to rewrite and pervert scripture and Jesus to fit THEIR culture and desires. Good thing Jesus was countercultural then the same as he is now.x-jesus-led-a-counter-cultural-movement

The World Is Drugged

I feel as though I should take a moment and explain myself and why I’m so passionate about abstaining from drugs. People tent to freak out when I talk to them about the album of music I’ve been working (an on going work for the passed 3 years).

This “world of drugs” has personally effected me in many ways. And since the birth of this topic, it continued to do so. Pills consumed and stole my cousin’s life, the demon of dope has all but destroyed a lost friend’s life forever, and many other drugs plague people I hold very dear. And the worst part is when I look around, it’s very excepted and treated as a mandatory means of self recreation.

This life style destroys families, jobs, friendships, relationships and the abuser’s own body. I, in some fashion or another, have personally seen all these at some point. The movie “Requiem of a Dream” is a great film and demonstrates all these bombs exploding.

I have never seen the appeal of this kind of living. Though my love for electronic music and clubs have left people assuming I was in denial of a secret drug use in my life. And that’s not the case.

“The World Is Drugged” talks on all these topics. The one track that emotionally effects me each time I listen or play it is “A Drugged Grave”. And it means so much when a buddy helps me play it live [Mitchell Hyder] or sings gang vocals [Brad Conley]. Thank you all and watch out. Because they are literally everywhere. Everywhere. The whole world is drugged. 


Much love and respect, 


Let Food Be Thy Medicine

“Let food be thy medicine.” -Confucius

   Looking back 7 years ago, I was a sophomore in high school and always sick. Since I was real young I was sickness prone. Few times a year, since I could remember, I had some sort of infection. And my mom’s explanation was “there must be something you’re missing from your diet”. And she was on the right track. I was simply missing more of what I was already eating. Plants.

When I began taking martial arts classes at the age of 13, I quickly realized that my body is important to take care of. And to hope to continue to do what it was I fell in love with for a long time. It helped when my mom, uncle and aunt began their voyage on a natural living path. After a few years of cutting back on junk foods and upping vitamin substituting pills, I made my jump to pesco-tarian. A vegetarian who eats fish. And that’s when I began to see a difference. I noticed my body wasn’t so weighted down. Even at the age of 16. Meals weren’t so heavy on my stomach. 

Then coming more in touch with myself, I finally realized that the love and respect I had for animals that kept me from hunting, was the same love and respect that made me take a jump to vegetarianism. This wasn’t too different from the way I was eating before. But now I needed new ways to get protein and iron. At this time i was a junior in high school and i noticed myself not getting sick as often as i was before.

The following year a friend of mine made the jump to veganism. This was what i always aspired to do but it wasnt until my buddy started eating that way that i realized it wasnt as hard as what i thought. Then i soon made the jump myself.

As i began my walk on the vegan road, I noticed that I didn’t necessarily lose “body weight” as much as that I got a little slimmer. I didn’t need to worry about the iron since now I didn’t consume dairy products (which restricts your body from absorbing iron). With a full plant based diet, its fairly easy to let my food be medicine. If I feel a cold coming on, I try to eat only raw veggies and some fruits. Aided with lots of water and camucamu powder. Now as a vegan I only get down and sick only probably once a year if I stay on top of how my body is feeling every day. Also i seem to recover physically allot faster and i rarely feel gross after eating and its difficult for me to “over eat”. Especially for how active IImage am. 

Thank You Dr. Boyd

Hello Dr. Boyd,
   My name is Jessy, a simple starving artist from Ohio. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all of the encouragement. Everything i’ve ever had questions about, i’ve heard a podcast of yours that helped answer that. Christians around me here (or maybe they are just simple hard to come by) rarely share my views on scripture when it comes to loving your enemy or patriotism or discrimination or caring for God’s animals. I’ve had people tell me that I am “damned to hell” because i refrain from the meat God has given me. Haha. But when i hear people like you speak it gives me hope, when the very small strand of doubt in my mind that says “That’s not what God was leading you to do” is killed. Thank you sir.
Much love, much respect,
Jessy Ferguson