The Things Submerged

Its funny that i’ve been receiving allot of condemnation from other fellow christians about my ideals. but this topic isn’t about ME, this is about the constant JUDGING going on in the church. Why wont the gays, the goths, the emos, the alcoholics step into our church? or if they do its VERY brief. [It’s not cause they’re possessed by demons, like in The Omen.] And i can relate, MAJOR! a friend of mine who was gay stopped going to church because of how they treated him. A gothic friend of mine stopped going cause the youth leader stopped talking to her. I’ve had christians randomly come up to me and pray over me being gay… AND IM NOT GAY! christians used to judge me HARD CORE when i was like 14~15~16 during my goth/punk days [from praying “the hatred out of me”, needing to be “more like the light”, etc].

its getting to the point where we’re down right shunning our fellow christians in an environment where they’re supposed be supported and loved. In groups that are supposed to be there for THEIR advantage.  basically what im saying is


I’ve been:

  • prayed over for my “lusts for the opposite sex”
  • prayed over the “dark demons inside of me”
  • told im going to hell for not eating meat
  • demons are possessing me when i practice martial arts
  • & told im “unqualified” to chaperone youth events or be on worship teams

Lets take some action and responsibility here? This is what god told us that would happen in the end. We are bringing forth the next coming of christ just by how we’re treating our brothers & sisters! What makes you qualified to think that someone’s LESS qualified as a christian then another? is it outward appearance? Age? Or is it a perception you’ve thrown together yourself and don’t really know where it came from? my favorite saying:

  • “A fool only knows one thing.”-A Japanese Proverb

So if you only assume one “perception” of something, like lets say “satanists worship satan” is an old church tale. [Satanists dont actually worship the devil but they use his imagery as an idle, how he does what he wants when he wants.]These are the same people who said KISS will possess you upon listening to their music back in the 70s/80s. SUCH STUPIDITY IS DRIVING AWAY CHRISTIANS AND NON-CHRISTIANS ALIKE! Not saying that satanists are less of an evil but “we’re turning strangers into demons because we’re told that’s what they are.” [Myth Of A Christian Nation by Greg Boyd]Should i post the lyrics from Michael Jackson’s song “black or white”? lol 😉 I think you guys know what im getting at here?   Once again, if you have a problem with anything ive said here, DON’T post a sly and some what coy of a reply. Instead, talk to me personally. if you feel incapable of confronting me personally then you must not truly have a problem. And like wise i dont mean to offend anyone but i feel this stuff needs to un-submersed in the sea of christ followers.

much love, much respect,



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