A “Humane Slaughter”?

This is a post i received in an email by a christian vegetarian group. And I found it VERY interesting, and for the most part very true.


I wanted to affirm Gracia Fay’s feedback regarding the psychological effect of “humane slaughter” on animals. It seems apparent to me that love is a real and potent force in the physical world. That is, nature has evolved love as a mechanism for animals (including us) to look after each other and to both preserve individuals and to ensure the continuity of entire species. It seems to me that sex, whose goal is reproduction, is driven by a set of hormones that are qualitatively different from the chemicals that drive love. That is, sex is more instinctual whereas love is more deliberate. Once sex has fulfilled its immediate role, love takes over and enables mutual nurturing and mutual care for the long-term. I believe this is true whether the individual is human or non-human. As an example – instinct is what would make a canine mother or a human mother run away from a burning house but love is what makes them run back in to save their puppy/child. We are brought up to think of love as being unique to humans but it has become clear to me, given what we know about the biology of love, that that perception is grossly distorted by our ignorant speciesism and that love is as real in non-humans as it is in humans. And as Gracia writes, if animals love their parents, their children, their siblings, their friends – then what does it do to them to have their loved ones taken away, tortured and killed?





























Incase you’re ever thinking about starting a one man band, here’s what to be ready for~


  • You can create a sound of music YOU want and go what ever direction you want with it.
  • You get to name the band!
  • You always have a mic ( :] ).
  • It’s hard to write 100% by yourself
  • You have to find people to play for you live (a very hard thing to do anymore).
  • All merch money comes 100% out of your pocket
 The best band in my opinion is a two (or MAYBE 3) person electronic band! haha

Be the EDGE

As most of you may know, I’m from a small city called Bellefontaine in Ohio. And even though the locals have come [semi] accustom to males having long hair and skinny jeans, there’s still a sense of chill being cast upon one for being different. Such people are written off as homo or something along those lines. Which is a nice segue to my point of all this nonsense:
Do what ever you want! Don’t be afraid to be different! [Me being christian, there’s thing i don’t do. It’s not because “the bible says”, it’s cause if you love someone you WANT to treat them nice and please them.] So if you wanna walk down the street in bright pink shoes or a big mohawk colored blue, DO IT! If you feel the need, go out and wear a Kilt, DO IT!

Much love, much respect.

Vegan YUMS!

As some of you know, I’m a vegan. Most people when they find out that I refrain from animal products ask the same question right off the bat: “What DO you eat?!?”. And here is ONE answer to the question-

Vegan Lasagna [simple recipe]

  • Lasagna noodles
  • 1 brick of firm tofu
  • Italian dressing
  • Spinach
  • Fresh mushrooms
  • Pasta sauce
  • & A shredded vegan/dairy free cheese [if you use rice cheese it won’t melt]

-Follow the directions on cooking the noodles

-Mash the tofu and add the italian dressing. no certain amount but enough make it like cottage cheese.

-Then when the noodles are done, in a small dish put a layer of noodles, then sauce, tofu mix, mushrooms, spinach, repeat. when you fill the dish, add the shredded dairy free cheese to the top, cover and bake for 25-30 mins (or untill done) with the oven set to 400 degrees.


These are the guys I consult every morning before getting ready for the day:
 Davey Havok,

 Jared Leto,

 Josh Dies,

 Rob Zombie,


 Breathe Carolina,

 Duran Duran,

 Gerard Way,

 Then there’s Mr. Trent Reznor

Now that you’ve learned my secrets, you can be cool/ fashionable & style’n like ME! 😀

My Top Ten Electronic Artists

1) Daft Punk [ A “must” in all dance playlists! Also my #1 must see band!!]

2) Blaqk Audio [ The solo band of afi’s guitarist & lead singer.VERY nice.]

3) Nine Inch Nails [ These guys are FULL of good inspiration!]

4) Underworld [ I just cant stop listen to THEM!]

5) Deadmou5 [ This guy is kinda reminiscent of daft punk, but he stands on his own.]

6) Pyro Fighter [ My friends’ band, very good, very danceable!]

7) Hot Chip [ I learned about these guys by listening to an interview with Davey Havok… and haven’t regretted giving them a listen!!]

8) The Chemical Brothers [ I Think these guys have been djing for 20 years and they never get old!]

9) Ou Est Le Swimmingpool [ Sadly, the lead singer killed himself… so i guess i can’t see these guys play now.]

10) DIES [ The Solo electronic/ industrial act of lead singer from the band Showbread]

And this is just a small peek into my world of music. I hope you find a new favorite band out of this list. Cause even tho all of these “scene/ hardcore” bands have allot of electroni

cs in their music, no one still really knows about good, old fashion Electronica!!


Red White & BOOM!

Red white and boom in columbus, ohio is NUTS [in a good way and bad]!

But for all you kids who’d rather spend the 4th cracked out, here’s a tip for ya: when the po-pos come casually ride up on horse back, DON’T run away in a big mob of druggies! because they WILL find you. And they did… didnt they???