My Top Ten Electronic Artists

1) Daft Punk [ A “must” in all dance playlists! Also my #1 must see band!!]

2) Blaqk Audio [ The solo band of afi’s guitarist & lead singer.VERY nice.]

3) Nine Inch Nails [ These guys are FULL of good inspiration!]

4) Underworld [ I just cant stop listen to THEM!]

5) Deadmou5 [ This guy is kinda reminiscent of daft punk, but he stands on his own.]

6) Pyro Fighter [ My friends’ band, very good, very danceable!]

7) Hot Chip [ I learned about these guys by listening to an interview with Davey Havok… and haven’t regretted giving them a listen!!]

8) The Chemical Brothers [ I Think these guys have been djing for 20 years and they never get old!]

9) Ou Est Le Swimmingpool [ Sadly, the lead singer killed himself… so i guess i can’t see these guys play now.]

10) DIES [ The Solo electronic/ industrial act of lead singer from the band Showbread]

And this is just a small peek into my world of music. I hope you find a new favorite band out of this list. Cause even tho all of these “scene/ hardcore” bands have allot of electroni

cs in their music, no one still really knows about good, old fashion Electronica!!



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