Be the EDGE

As most of you may know, I’m from a small city called Bellefontaine in Ohio. And even though the locals have come [semi] accustom to males having long hair and skinny jeans, there’s still a sense of chill being cast upon one for being different. Such people are written off as homo or something along those lines. Which is a nice segue to my point of all this nonsense:
Do what ever you want! Don’t be afraid to be different! [Me being christian, there’s thing i don’t do. It’s not because “the bible says”, it’s cause if you love someone you WANT to treat them nice and please them.] So if you wanna walk down the street in bright pink shoes or a big mohawk colored blue, DO IT! If you feel the need, go out and wear a Kilt, DO IT!

Much love, much respect.


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