Hello everyone. It’s been far too long. I’ve been working on allot lately but this is what’s around the corner for me-
-almost done with recording the new JESS album and should be released this spring
-shooting a music video this weekend for the new JESS single, “Rabidism”
-JESS is playing more shows as of late and working on an acoustic/”unplugged” set for more sensual and coffee house friendly environments
-my music can now be found on soundcloud, last.fm, reverbnation.com,
facebook & bellefontaine’s radio station; 98.3 wpko


-I will also be looking into the near future about starting a ministry based site to help and aid those struggling in life along with writing my own web

Thats all thats on my plate right now as far as my media work goes. Thanks everyone. More updates to follow.