Hap Hap Happy Halloween


This year’s Halloween is the most organized to say the least. I’ve carefully planned my movie list and book lists. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the smells, ciders, vegan sweets and the scary movies!

I first began by scheduling my movies:


I then scheduled my book list. My plan was to try and get through the entire Goose Bumps series before the 31st. Knowing this is a little far fetched, I decided on the first 31. One a day:

Though this is allot for anybody as is, I have chosen to add to it! this is a list of some of my favorite childhood cartoons and other books to read such as The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow. I read it every year! So many places to go, things to taste, smell and drink! And allot of Magic: The Gathering to play.

I know I most likely wont get to it all in the month of October, but it will be fun trying!!