Jessy Ferguson grew up in the 90′s submersed in his mom’s 80′s world. This always included expressing your love for music & dancing around. Making it very natural to have eccentric roll-models such as Michael Jackson, Davey Havok, Depeche Mode, Brett Easton Ellis & Jared Leto.

From as early as Jess can remember, he’s had a deep fascination with martial arts. In 2004 he had met the man that would be his teacher for the next 8+ years and he is now completing his teaching degree in Jukido- Kai School Of Integrated Martial Arts, working with a range of karatejitsu, jujitsu, aikido & aikijutsu and iaido.

Jessy is a strong pacifist, anti war, cruelty free, vegan, pro life Christ follower & dabbles in a variety of arts. Such as Fine Arts, Bonsai: the art of capturing nature, Music (Song writer & the only member of Jesus Electrify Society’s Senses a.k.a. J.E.S.S.) , Short Story Writer & Fashion design.

This Blog is an inside look into (as scary as it may be) Jessy Ferguson’s head. You may also follow Jess on Twitter or be his friend on Facebook.


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