Hello everyone. It’s been far too long. I’ve been working on allot lately but this is what’s around the corner for me-
-almost done with recording the new JESS album and should be released this spring
-shooting a music video this weekend for the new JESS single, “Rabidism”
-JESS is playing more shows as of late and working on an acoustic/”unplugged” set for more sensual and coffee house friendly environments
-my music can now be found on soundcloud, last.fm, reverbnation.com,
facebook & bellefontaine’s radio station; 98.3 wpko


-I will also be looking into the near future about starting a ministry based site to help and aid those struggling in life along with writing my own web

Thats all thats on my plate right now as far as my media work goes. Thanks everyone. More updates to follow.



These are just some sketches i did (not very good ones, but for fun). My first actual time doodling manga. If you can’t tell, these are just things from my head combining Ultimo with the rest of the marvel world as most of Stan Lee’s characters often do. My favorite marvel characters being from Spider- man’s world, naturally, thats who I chose to blend with Ultimo.

Incase you don’t know, Ultimo is one of Stan Lee’s newer projects; a manga (japanese graphic novels) about ¬†mechanical boys called “Doji” fighting the ultimate war, GOOD VS EVIL. This is actually the first graphic novel series I’ve followed this closely since Gerard Way’s “Umbrella Academy”.

The character “Vice” in Vemon’s symbiotic suit.^^^^

Bonsai BEFORE Growing season. aka~ Spring Is About Here!

Hello all. Spring is about here in Ohio… just wait another 24 hours, we’ll be back to winter. BUT for now, its very nice & my bonsai are ready for the growing seasons coming up! Here ¬†are some of my inside growing bonsai before they flourish. Keep in mind these are only STARTERS and won’t be considered as “bonsai” for at least another 3 or 4 years. Enjoy.

I believe this one to be a “Star Juniper”. Someone may correct me if I’m wrong. These were started by clippings this passed fall and will be future “clump styled” almost as though it looks like a forest scene.

This little guy is a Maple tree. I forget what kind of maple it is and it’s hard to tell with no leafs at this stage…

I obtained this Juniper from a vender at the annual Asian Festival in Columbus, Ohio this passed summer. And it’s doing very well.

This Maple is of a “trident” category. This tree~ling is actually a very early bloomer. I was very surprised to find the buds beginning to swell in mid February!

This is a starter from a clipping off of my grandmother’s Weeping willow tree. Very glad to see it doing well. They’re very delicate because of their constant need for moisture.

Now, I must remind myself that this beautiful Japanese Maple is NOT a bonsai. This is my mother’s. I had rescued it from death and now im watching it closely until late spring.

This is a Boxwood bonsai. It had a twin that got an infestation in the dead of winter and I didnt tend to it in time. But this one is doing JUST fine.

Ficus would be what this next one is. In a clump style (done very quickly and poorly for now).

Please do keep in mind that these were mostly started on their journey as bonsai after the first snow fall so they were forced with a life of inside weather (which is not wealthy for most bonsai). And they will become outdoor plants as early as late april. As the growing season flourishes the bonsai with nutrition, the wires will then begin to help whip ’em into shape. thanks guys



Update of artz

Sadly I wont be going to my dream art school :/ but this is what art has in store for me
I’ve been working on a 4 part drawing series based on the 4 Alchemy Index volumes by Thrice.

Here is volume #1 FIRE

Volume #2 WATER-


You will see the other 2 as they’re completed. thank you.

October To-Do-List

Watch the following movies-
  • E.T.
  • The Corpse Bride
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • The Great Pumpkin
  • The Haunting Hour
  • Halloween town 1 &2
  • Paranormal activity 1,2 & 3
  • Urban Legend
Read the following books-
  • Dracula (for a 3rd time)
  • House
  • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
  • TR33
  • The Forbidden Door part 3, 4 &5
Places to go-
  • Hatchet man road
  • Bellebrooks, OH