Sue Your Neighbor As You Wished To Be Sued

Back in November of 2013, someone I knew had stolen $300 from me. Naturally I felt slightly betrayed and hurt. But it was no where near my heart to sue this person. When I told my parent’s what had happened, they too naturally had certain emotions the same that I would if someone plotted treachery against someone I love. But my parents demanded that I do “what’s right” and drag this person, who hasn’t a dollar to his name, to court and sue him, have him thrown in jail until he pays me back.

When I combat this theory of what should be done with what Jesus said his disciples should do: go find the person, give them your shirt too and never ask for something that was stolen from you, my parents were appalled. They tried to tell me that that wasn’t really what Jesus meant. That this person will just go out and do it again to someone else. So it best be me who punishes this individual.

After assuring them that I would pray about it and in the end I would do what I felt right, we left it at that.

Can you imagine looking someone in the face, telling them that you know what they did, that you forgive them and their debt? That person will not be able to look at you and will remove themselves from your life. Take my word for it.

That is the power of the Kingdom. True power. Jesus gave us direct answers of how to react and treat each other. Living in a foreign land as ambassadors, we often forget how our King says we treat people. I’m sure Jesus didn’t ask ‘where the bathroom was’ in parables, not every word out of his mouth was a parable. Foreign countries try to rewrite and pervert scripture and Jesus to fit THEIR culture and desires. Good thing Jesus was countercultural then the same as he is now.x-jesus-led-a-counter-cultural-movement