Let Food Be Thy Medicine

“Let food be thy medicine.” -Confucius

   Looking back 7 years ago, I was a sophomore in high school and always sick. Since I was real young I was sickness prone. Few times a year, since I could remember, I had some sort of infection. And my mom’s explanation was “there must be something you’re missing from your diet”. And she was on the right track. I was simply missing more of what I was already eating. Plants.

When I began taking martial arts classes at the age of 13, I quickly realized that my body is important to take care of. And to hope to continue to do what it was I fell in love with for a long time. It helped when my mom, uncle and aunt began their voyage on a natural living path. After a few years of cutting back on junk foods and upping vitamin substituting pills, I made my jump to pesco-tarian. A vegetarian who eats fish. And that’s when I began to see a difference. I noticed my body wasn’t so weighted down. Even at the age of 16. Meals weren’t so heavy on my stomach. 

Then coming more in touch with myself, I finally realized that the love and respect I had for animals that kept me from hunting, was the same love and respect that made me take a jump to vegetarianism. This wasn’t too different from the way I was eating before. But now I needed new ways to get protein and iron. At this time i was a junior in high school and i noticed myself not getting sick as often as i was before.

The following year a friend of mine made the jump to veganism. This was what i always aspired to do but it wasnt until my buddy started eating that way that i realized it wasnt as hard as what i thought. Then i soon made the jump myself.

As i began my walk on the vegan road, I noticed that I didn’t necessarily lose “body weight” as much as that I got a little slimmer. I didn’t need to worry about the iron since now I didn’t consume dairy products (which restricts your body from absorbing iron). With a full plant based diet, its fairly easy to let my food be medicine. If I feel a cold coming on, I try to eat only raw veggies and some fruits. Aided with lots of water and camucamu powder. Now as a vegan I only get down and sick only probably once a year if I stay on top of how my body is feeling every day. Also i seem to recover physically allot faster and i rarely feel gross after eating and its difficult for me to “over eat”. Especially for how active IImage am.