The World Is Drugged

I feel as though I should take a moment and explain myself and why I’m so passionate about abstaining from drugs. People tent to freak out when I talk to them about the album of music I’ve been working (an on going work for the passed 3 years).

This “world of drugs” has personally effected me in many ways. And since the birth of this topic, it continued to do so. Pills consumed and stole my cousin’s life, the demon of dope has all but destroyed a lost friend’s life forever, and many other drugs plague people I hold very dear. And the worst part is when I look around, it’s very excepted and treated as a mandatory means of self recreation.

This life style destroys families, jobs, friendships, relationships and the abuser’s own body. I, in some fashion or another, have personally seen all these at some point. The movie “Requiem of a Dream” is a great film and demonstrates all these bombs exploding.

I have never seen the appeal of this kind of living. Though my love for electronic music and clubs have left people assuming I was in denial of a secret drug use in my life. And that’s not the case.

“The World Is Drugged” talks on all these topics. The one track that emotionally effects me each time I listen or play it is “A Drugged Grave”. And it means so much when a buddy helps me play it live [Mitchell Hyder] or sings gang vocals [Brad Conley]. Thank you all and watch out. Because they are literally everywhere. Everywhere. The whole world is drugged. 


Much love and respect,